Computer Issues

My computer has lately been acting up on me with BSoD errors and random crashes.  Also my hard drive I partitioned when Vista came out is now full on almost both partitions of Vista and XP, thus I am going to reinstall Vista and completely whipe my hard drive clean. I have backed up all my important data on my trusty Cavalry External Hard Drive and may back it up a second time to my BlacX SE. I should have the total process completely done by Saturday sometime.

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Time to Propose!

Hey guys, I am currently in the process of researching an engagement ring for my fiancee. I came across these guys.... any one out there used these guys or who is able to recommend a good company to use? If you click here you can see the details. All recommendations welcome!


Check out, It is my new site that is filled with over 4,750+ recipes. If you were thinking to learn about cooking, now is the time! There are many available recipes and if your grandma has a good one, go ahead and submit it to me via my contact page and I may just add it to the site!

Recipe Site & Idea!

I am creating a new recipe site for those of you that like to cook. I thought it would be something kind of different than what I usually make and would be a good source of knowledge, I should have it finished in the morning or sometime tomorrow. I also have a great new idea for another site, which is already in the process of being finished as well and may go live tomorrow…There is only 1 other site I know that is like it, so this gives it a pretty good unique factor. More details on both of these tomorrow, for now, I need some sleep. Good night!

Diamond Information

This video explains diamond colour and it's effect on rarity, value and apperance.

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