1. How to SEO your local business video looks at all the better ways to train
    Google to rank your locally based search terms. If you have a business that
    requires your website to drive potential customers to your local business,
    then this video tutorial will help you truly understand all the smarter
    ways to let Google know that your website and keywords deserve nothing less
    than first position rankings.

    I thank you for learning with me; I thank you for sharing this video


  2. Thanks great easy to understand video, I didn’t know about the Geographic
    target area on google webmaster tools..ps found the audio on the video a
    little low


  3. Thank-You very much for your video, I especially loved that you included
    the Local Business Markup for Google! Thanks :D


  4. Dear Tolga,

    Thank you very much for the great videos, I found them very useful.

    I would have a question for you and would be grateful if you could answer

    I understand the principles of the geo specific SEO targeting, but what if
    I’m a business offering my services locally, but targeting an international
    audience. Wouldn’t it hurt my exposure to limit myself to the country
    specific Google search engine, making it only available to people that are
    searching within the country using that type of country specific version?

    Kind regards,



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